At Kodiak, we devote extensive resources to performing the primary research and due diligence needed to identify companies that fit our investment profile. Our team works closely with lawyers, accountants, and consultants to develop a complete understanding of each transaction.

Financial Criteria

Kodiak generally invests in platform companies with greater than $5 million of revenue, and our target investment size is $1 to $25 million. However, we will consider, and have made, investments in companies with lower revenue that are rapidly growing or have add-on acquisition opportunities.

Transaction Criteria

Kodiak focuses on investments in companies in the following industries: consumer products,  life sciences, natural resources and social media technology.

Kodiak focuses on investments in companies which exhibit revenue potential driven by compelling economic, demographic, or industry growth trends.

Kodiak invests in businesses with intangible value which provides a source of sustainable competitive advantage and creates barriers to entry. Examples of such intangibles include brands or systems.

Management Criteria

Kodiak seeks companies with management teams whose character, culture, and organization are conducive to forming true, long-term partnerships. We work closely with management and generally invest together, developing relationships that frequently outlast any single investment. We seek to align our interests with management both economically and strategically.