"Kodiak's emphatic devotion for betting on companies outside the small magical circle of apparent "sure winners" is getting around; we have been thrilled with our partnership and are more than impressed with their incubating service alongside their capital commitment.  They know how to get-the-job-done!"


Jeremy Black, Advisory Board,

"Kodiak has provided us with a fair and flexible financing solution to assist us with the growth of our business.  They were very patient in assisting us with properly structuring the investment and provided immediate response time with execution when we needed it the most.  We are happy to have them as an investment partner."


Lee Rodne, CEO, Allied Healthcare Group Limited

"Kodiak truly cares about the people and companies they fund.  They offer very desirable terms much better than other VC deals.  They acted in one week while other sources would take months.  They aren't interested in taking control positions and have a great overall reputation and investor following. I can truly say it's the most pleasant investor relationship I have ever had. Kodiak is the real deal!"


Corey Park, CEO,, Inc.

"We have been partners with Kodiak for nearly a year now and it has been the most positive experience I have had with an institutional investor.  Kodiak recognizes the uphill battle often fought by young companies and is willing to share the risk from the onset. Negotiations are straight forward, deals are fair and Kodiak cooperates closely to generate value for all involved. We will always give Kodiak the opportunity to execute in any new transaction that we may consider."


Greg Lambrecht, CEO, SinglePoint, Inc.

"Kodiak is extremely well connected and are very strategic thinkers. As such, they have been an awesome asset in helping us connect with the right people and companies throughout key inflection points in the evolution of our business and the 'go-public' process. They are fanatically founder friendly and just truly good people. I'd highly recommend Kodiak to any entrepreneur without exception."


Warren Wang, CEO,, Inc.

"Kodiak's incredible networking and business development power is one of those things every entrepreneur needs. Their determination to help and see things through is an amazing asset to any startup and we are grateful to have them as an investor."


Delmar Janovicz, CEO, BizAuctions, Inc.

"Kodiak is one of the most amazing investors I've ever known and I feel extremely lucky to work with them. They have been there every step of the way as we built our company and has been in the trenches ensuring we built the most amazing product possible. Their expertise in the space helped us focus the product and they have done everything from help us nail down our branding and deck narrative as well as connected us to ideal partners and customers. The entire Kodiak team works their ass off for their portfolio - do everything you can to become a part of it!"


Michael Bagley, CEO, Jellyfish INTEL, inc.

"Smart investor that knows how to connect with entrepreneurs and loves backing people with disruptive personalities and the skills to build and grow world-changing products and services.  I highly recommend partnering with Kodiak."


Christopher Kolb, President, Safe Technologies International, Inc.

"Kodiak is very professional, personable, and attentive to their business deals and with everyone they work with.They are extremely knowledgeable about the funding industry and quite savvy in designing funding strategies for their clients. Kodiak is also very accessible and responds quickly to their clients. I found their funding terms to be favorable and superior to most any other funding source. They are truly interested in creating a win-win for everyone in the process. I’d highly recommend Kodiak as an investor."


Michael Holt, President, Penny Auction Solutions, Inc.

"We’ve enjoyed partnering with Kodiak. The fact that Kodiak is a well established venture firm structuring private equity investments for almost a decade made our decision to partner with them much easier. Their multiple equity investments have delivered as promised and have been a simple and efficient source of capital for us.  We look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come."


Edjir Liang, Director, China Kangtai Cactus Bio-tech, Inc.

"One of the most intellectually disciplined and gifted groups of people I know. Kodiak has a lion's heart and has acquired the rare skill of balancing financial interests with entrepreneurial purpose without selling their soul. A genuine mensch who has helped with unconditional and straight forward advice every time. They either do or do not and will let you know that - a true thought leader of our time, not only in finance - I recommend Kodiak as a friend, mentor, advisor, investor or board member any time."


Vincent Browne, CEO, Flint Telecom Group, Inc.

"During the last four years the professionals at Kodiak have supported our capital needs. They are incredily responsive and have provided flexibility, sound advice and highly creative financial solutions for our working capital, re-structuring and expansion needs. Based on integrity, mutual respect, and strict adherence to compliance issues, the Kodiak team excels and delivers, they are proven and have provided capital in highly irregular and disruptive markets."


John Ryder, CEO, Dianor Resources, Inc.

"Kodiak is, well, Kodiak. They kick ass and have a no bs, no frills, just get the job done attitude towards investing.  They are calculated risks experts.  I love being part of the Kodiak portfolio!"


Edgar Arvelo, CEO, My Complete Care, Inc.