Long-Term Relationships

We believe developing and fostering true partnerships with our intermediaries is important in building Kodiak’s long-term franchise. Strong relationships with our advisors, financing sources, and intermediaries promote value creation over the full life cycle of an investment.

Effective Participant in Processes

Our philosophy in a traditional process is to provide candid, direct feedback on opportunities. We are efficient with our responses and participation. We are a due diligence intensive firm which actively analyzes information as it is provided, and shares all our findings and insights with management.

Introductions to New Opportunities

We have a history of engaging in non-traditional processes in industries that are temporarily out of favor or nascent in their development. We have been active partners in the development of industry leading companies, many of which were discovered and presented to us by intermediaries that recognized opportunities in industries we find attractive.


We have a large and robust network of relationships that we are always seeking to expand. We believe it is our discipline, ingenuity, and commitment to process that makes us a valuable partner for intermediaries.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Our success as an investor is, in large part, dependent on the resources offered by our extended community. In recognition of the value that we receive, we are pleased to pay referral fees to investment bankers, business brokers and other intermediaries who generate equity investments for us. We pride ourselves on responsiveness and welcome discussing potential opportunities with you.